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  November, 2007The Customer Comes First

You may not be able to manage the relationship, but you should always strive to understand it. Read full article...
  March, 2007Are You Sales Phobic?

Leadership and innovation are the glam aspects of entrepreneurship. But the job description of many founders also includes a whole lot of selling. Entrepreneurs must sell investors on their ideas, employees on their workplaces, and customers on their products, value, and reputation. Read full article...

  February 20, 2007Hit Sales Book The MIND OF THE CUSTOMER Continues Gaining Momentum; Enters Fourth Printing

Cutting-edge Authors Leverage Web 2.0 Tools to Promote Book. Hit book examines tactics and lessons learned from world-class sales forces and shows sales professionals how to get to the next level of success with a new approach to selling based on helping customers achieve their key business objectives. Read full article...

  November, 2006Before you measure quality, define it

Itís important to remember that quality is in the eye of the beholder, finds Alan Earls. Quality counts for nothing, if customers arenít interested in the product or canít afford it. Sometimes, in the virtuous cycle of building better products and manufacturing processes, manufacturers lose sight of that. Read full article...

Venture Magazine
  October, 2006Death of the Old-Style Salesman

What should a venture capitalist look for in a company's sales force when evaluating a potential investment? Hint: it's not what you think. Read full article...

  October 1st, 2006Make the Most of C-level Face Time

You've got 12 minutes: Explain how your product can help a prospect succeed. Read full article...

Chief Learning Officer
  September 27, 2006The Four Pillars of World-Class Sales Staff Development

If there's only one department in an organization that conjures the words “bottom-line impact” more than any other, it's probably sales. After conducting research with more than 100 executives who make large-scale purchasing decisions to identify what they consider important in sales professionals, as well as studying some of the world's best sales forces in companies such as UPS, Nokia and Lexus, Lou Schachter, senior vice president of The Real Learning Company and co-author of “The Mind of the Customer,” uncovered four key pillars for effective sales training: understand, create, communicate and manage. Read full article...

  September 2006The Face Of Your New Customer

In “The Mind Of The Customer,” Richard Hodge and Lou Schachter expound on how Lexus, Nokia and UPS are evolving the art and science of their corporationsí selling process to match the changes in consumer behavior. Read full article...

  September 2006The Real Learning Company Wins Spotlight Award from “Arizona Companies to Watch” Organizers

Fast-Growing Sales Leadership and Management Training Firm Singled Out for Unparalleled Customer Service and Supportive Employee Culture. Read full article...

  September 2006How your sales reps can get face time with top execs

Contrary to what most sellers think, top executives do shape the ultimate purchasing decisions in a company. In fact, a recent survey by The Real Learning Company, an Arizona-based sales management training firm, found that top executives get involved in buying early and often in the game. Read full article...

  September 2006Accelerate Your Customers' Success: The Lexus Sales Story

Picture a Lexus. What comes to mind? Few brands are as well associated with success as Lexus. In fact, Lexus has been America's best-selling luxury brand for six years in a row... How does Lexus do it, and what can we learn from that about customer-centric selling?
Read full article...

SAMA - Strategic Account Management Association
  Summer 2006The end of solutions: What top executives expect in the area of business partnering

Imagine you are finally meeting with the c-level executive you have been trying for months to see...How do you advance the account relationship? What can you do to stand out from the competition?
Read full article... (PDF)

ABC News
  June 6, 2006Working Wounded: Managing a Sales Team

Managing a Sales Staff Means Understanding How Your Workers Communicate. By Bob Rosner. Read full article...

  May 2006Getting into the Mind of the Customer

In The Mind of the Customer: How Great Companies Like UPS, Lexus and Nokia have Reinvented the Sales Process to Accelerate Their Customers' Success (McGraw-Hill, 2006), Richard Hodge and Lou Schachter outline tips and best practices gleaned from interviews with nearly 100 sales executives at the world's most successful corporations. The focus of their book is on a new approach to selling based on helping customers achieve their key business objectives. Read full article...

sales & marketing management
  May 2006What Customers Really Want

Which qualities do customers admire most in salespeople? Hint: They are more obvious than you think. Good customer relations are vital for success in businessóbut you knew that, right? Well, maybe it's time for a refresher course on what customers want from your salespeople. A recent study looking into the buying habits of executives highlights the top qualities purchasers expect from sellers. Read full article...

business know-how
  Focusing Your Sales Force on Customer Success

Book Excerpt: The Mind of the Customer: How Great Companies Like UPS, Lexus, and Nokia Have Reinvented the Sales Process to Accelerate Their Customers' Success. Read full article...

American Executive
  May 2006Authors Richard Hodge and Lou Schachter describe a selling model better suited to todayís global economy. Sales 2.0

Solution selling, the leading business-to-business sales model for the last twenty years, is finding itself eclipsed. The notion of selling integrated solutions, rather than point products, has been so widely adopted that it no longer serves as a differentiator. What matters to business leaders today is not solutions but results. Read full article...
  May 15, 2006Donít Make These Mistakes with Decision Makers

As every sales rep knows, it takes a lot of work to secure a meeting with a top-level executive. So if you get one, itís important not to blow it. Richard Hodge, founder of The Real Learning Company in Scottsdale, AZ (, interviewed more than 150 vice presidents and C-level executives of global companies when he and Senior VP Lou Schachter were researching their book, The Mind of the Customer (McGraw-Hill, 2006). Read full article...

customers are always
  April 25, 2006"The Mind of the Customer"

In the book, The Mind of the Customer by Richard Hodge & Lou Schachter, there is a passage that talks about the idea that it is the manager's responsiblity to develop a customer-centric system and processes. The authors highlight steps that managers can take in making this system work. Read full article...

Sales Promotion
  March 20, 2006Sales sleuths
Are your reps asking buyers enough of the right questions?

While your reps are probably brimming with knowledge about your products and can deliver a forceful pitch with confidence and panache, they may be coming up short when it comes to an often overlooked, but vital selling skill: Asking questions. Read full article...

Investors Business Daily
  March 15, 2006Build Value With Clients

To transform your business, be passionate about customersí results. How does your product impact clientsí rivals and help your clients gain market share? How does it help your clientsí customers? What other key needs does it fill? Read full article...

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